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avec amour de l'escroc

felo-de-se flamingos
7 April 1985
who am i: rogue

age: 20 and 2

hair color: blue (naturally)

dislikes: when its so cold i forget i have toes, the dvd takeover, the ipod takeover and takeovers in general, summer, poison ivy, people yelling at me, apartment bugs (outside bugs are sometimes okay),

likes: wearing my friends old clothes, objects you can see distorted images through, eating everything and being an antisocial robot demon, vhs tapes, shoe collecting, recycling things into cooler things

things i absolutely hate that people say:
"im gonna kill myself"
[them "i love you"][me "i love you too"][them "no you dont"]
"whats your phone number?"
"are you eating enough? are you sure? lift up your shirt and let me see if your ribs are showing" (my mom on the day after xmas)

what am i: a confused artist/robot demon/garbage faerie (screw you amie long its been me all along and you know it)

my future:
plan a: move to lake george with gremlin. we shall open a liquor store and sell find liquor products. this probably wont happen, mostly because gremlin hates a lot of things about me and i hate a lot about him. oh well. this isnt going to happen, i havent even talked to him in forever.
plan b: be a famous model/fashion designer/film maker and move to new york or france. there i shall sit around doing wonderful things and making money i dont need. this also probably wont happen - its too easy.
plan c: make a lot of money doing something - it does not matter what. buy a large house in a city somewhere and house young artists. this probably wont happen because it doesnt sound like something i would do, im too selfish.
plan d: marry an old rich man. wait around for him to die. fuck the pool boy while i wait. this could happen, but it also probably wont. naa i dont want to.
plan e: marry jess aksel and let it be that of pure pure awesomeness.i chickened out.
plan f: [the new and most logical one] move to new york and get a boring job working on illustrator for a fashion company.
plan g: montreal

current goals:
stop being a wimp and get lots of peircings
find a new + better job success!
go to london