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awesome [29 Jul 2008|09:34pm]
hi livejournal.

ive had so many dreams that i want to turn into epic adventure films.. cause theyre just so good.. theres always a few parts that dont make perfect sense but other than that theyre usually ready to go.

i need to learn how to write though.

<3 rogue

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PARTY! [12 Jun 2008|09:38pm]
tomorrow. friday.

at my apartment.

wear costumes or dresses or fun things.


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phones back [07 May 2008|09:05pm]
i didnt lose it.

tree took it.

great roommates i have.

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[06 May 2008|07:50pm]
my phone is incognito.

i know its here, but it has disguised itself from me. possibly in the form of junk on a shelf, or laundry.

not sure when, if ever, it will come out of hiding.

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steve made a website! [24 Apr 2008|08:32pm]


so once upon a time i came back from wherever on saturday at 5ish. i heard meowing, which is not un-common as the downstairs neighbors have kitties that usually sit in the window and i like to meow back at them. so i went to go do that, and did not see them in the window, instead i saw a cat that looked exactly like zieki, kirstens cat. slight disbelief occured in believing this was our cat, because he doesnt usually like to go outside. so i scooped him up, concerned that he got out, but not too worried. then as soon as i put him down he immediately fell forward and proceeded to flop like some horrible type of fish out of water. he had broken his legs! (i thought it was just one, but turns out to be both). so flipping out, and holding a broken cat, me and steve managed to get him to the hospital.

he didnt come back until today.

it turns out that he had fallen out the window with the screen the day before and due to the nature of our big house, not seeing him for one night wasn't an immediate concern.

poor zieki is super awesome and i am wicked proud of him for being awesome and surviving a dangerous fall and making it through 2 surgeries (now he has little metal pins/plates).

sadly though, as i briefly said before, we are down around $5-6,000 for the total vet bills. (they did a very nice job though) if anyone could give us even like $5 it would equal whole buckets of appreciation.

currently he has already been walking around kirsten's room, enjoyed a paper bag house, and even jumped on the bed - which he shouldnt have done but apparently he was determined. the vets said he probably wouldn't even be walking for a week but he seems really happy and doped up so i guess he did it anyway.


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even kitty cats made of pure fluff are breakable. [21 Apr 2008|11:51pm]
once upon a time poor little zieki fell out the window and broke both his front legs.

hes going to be okay, it was the 3rd story but he seems to have managed pretty well.

1 fracture and 1 break. 2 surgeries, though, which equal 4-5 thousand dollars. my roommate kirsten does not have 4-5 thousand dollars, but hes getting fixed no matter what.

kitties are great. i may go into more detail about this story, or i may not.

we'll be having a benefit party soon, probably in the next couple weeks to raise money to pay off this major debt. if you don't like parties but still like giving people money for good, happy things, or you just like paypal for some reason, apparently we accept that haha.



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the internet is boring. [24 Mar 2008|10:04pm]
no youre boring.

am not.

thinking about quitting that job of mine... would free up my fridays to work on art stuff... or... would i just sit around being lazy?

havent been drinking as much as usual.

stopped watching most tv, only watched about an hour and a half of all my children last week.

bought new crazy shoes, theyre too girly to wear though, im going to dye them gray to make them better.

went to xmortis finally, it was okay. i'd go again.

ate a lot of meat on easter, so much for being a good vegetarian, but i never liked sticking to labels anyway.

bought tight pants. are they out of season now? silly fashion.

dont know where im going to live in september. could be montreal, could be brooklyn, could be kirsten's room.

im going to shower now, for i am a dirty filthy human.

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3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510... [14 Mar 2008|09:28am]



ashleigh reminded me its pi day today!


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its a murder mystery. well, no, its not. [06 Mar 2008|11:54pm]


the train wouldn't let me off at roxbury crossing. and there was caution tape all the way to terrace street and blocking that off too. but then there was also more caution tape at the church on parker street.


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FUCK YOU TV. [21 Feb 2008|11:37pm]



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[17 Feb 2008|11:41am]
oh, and i dreamed i was batman last night.

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i really am entirely awesome at dreaming. [10 Feb 2008|09:22am]
the first one was a bit scary.

i was somehow infected with this alien thing, that didnt kill me, i guess maybe i was immune to it? but the government knew and they said they were coming for me in a soon amount of time. i was in my princeton house. i was become absolutely terrified because i knew they would do all sorts of experiments on me and likely inject me with things that may possibly kill me. so i started packing quickly and secretively to escape.. but there were already people in my house and i couldnt let them know what i was doing. there was snow everywhere outside, and really hard to walk through.

i ended up hiding in a box in the scary furnace room of my basement. i opened the window from the inside and went outside to go in, the window was near the dryer vent so the snow was melted over there and you couldnt see my tracks going back in the house.

that dream was really scary, and it was because stacy and steve were watching the x-files movie before i went to sleep... i woke up at 5 am and changed dreams.

the 2nd one was pretty awesome.

i kept flying around the country from my home in colorado, to new york, where hil lives, and to a place that kept changing names.. i was calling it atlanta near the end, but it was really in california.

hilarys house was full of weird rooms, ladders and staircases, really sweet cats with broken/deformed legs and lots of interesting stuff around. there were way too many animals, but i cant remember what the other ones were.. something unusual.

atlanta really was the coolest place. im not sure what it was like when i first arrived, but near the end it was full of horrible gang wars. i was in the gang called the rainbows. real badass.

some girl attempted this weird stunt where she was tied to an airplane and it was sort of like waterskiing, but in the air... that lead to these huge things with rope way up in the air, and at one point i fell off one, crashing a huge distance onto the ground and being quite injured. people, who may have been my mom, were there and all annoying. my vision was all blurry but i wouldnt let them keep me in the hospital. i went back to the crazy rope thing and fought some other gang member who was attacking someone.. but i fell off again.

i decided to leave atlanta and before i did, someone, i think meredith, gave me a small smooth carved block of wood which was supposedly a gift you give someone for getting a divorce. im not sure who i got divorced from, maybe atlanta itself, but it made sense. so i flew home to colorado and as i watched from the window you could see a huge war break out and atlanta was entirely destroyed.

i was really happy to be back home, and missed my kitty.

that dream has also sorts of weird stuff relating to my life, but its also just neat.

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stupid voting. [05 Feb 2008|06:26pm]
damit i lost my drivers license.

stupid voting crazy lady was all - "you cant vote your inactive"

me - "no im not i voted last year"

stupid voting crazy lady - "fill these out bla blah, im going to confuse you so much you drop (or maybe she stole it) your license...blah blah. look how dumb i am.

i went back after work and voted, noticed i lost my license, talked to some guy who was much more competent, but now im grumpy again.

come on decent humanity, send me my license back and save me $20.

voting is usually much more fun.

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[03 Feb 2008|02:39pm]
going shopping with steve!


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this is an entry where i dont just complain about money [06 Jan 2008|09:51am]

and i made a list of goals, colored it all pretty and rainbow with markers and stuck it on the wall in front of my face.

here are some highlights:

visit japan, london, ireland, california and chicago.

have a real website.

be involved in the theater again.

learn screenprinting.

learn how to knit.

get a wide variety of piercings - at least one.

change my name.

learn french enough to actually speak it.

own a pet pig. im going to call him pig.

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wooooorking. [28 Dec 2007|02:54pm]
working at home is great.

i can work, and watch the entirety of roswell season 1 while i do it.

i feel depressed though, and like im getting in trouble with people and their relationships and issues. and junk. makes me feel like i should just run away and abandon everyone i know. of course im not going to do that though, because im poor and i like it here.

meh. life is so boring.

steve won the best christmas present award. (no ofense to anyone else's presents which were also awesome) but he fixed my watch, which i love so much, and its fucking fantastic.

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winter is cold. [05 Dec 2007|02:35pm]
wow i really have no money.

i think i can make it, but of course its stupid xmas time and i have to go spend what i dont have. im pretty sure ive outgrown macaroni art, but maybe the irony of it would be good.

i should probably go put a bunch of stuff on ebay/etsy now but im just so damn lazy.

lazy lazy lazy.

and i took the day off... because my job makes me tired. i miss vacation pay though, and of course holiday pay.



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the little bunnies say: boo hoo hoo. [23 Nov 2007|12:52am]
im hungry and sad.

i drove to worcester to hang out with my friend, and he ditched me as soon as i found him.
i guess theres no one for me in worcester anymore.

i still need to post pictures from montreal, theyre pretty exciting. but i think im going to go find some leftovers instead.

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[21 Nov 2007|01:20am]
finally got my ears pierced.

i before e. right?

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canada! [06 Nov 2007|03:52pm]
im going to canada!

on friday!

be jealous.

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because [05 Nov 2007|12:21pm]
everyone should go here: http://www.thesavantproject.com/

its classy and fantastic with excellent food and crazy drinks and a cute waitress.

its where the solstice cafe was.

and take me with you when you do.

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halloween party saturday [22 Oct 2007|10:36am]
i should have probably put this up awhile ago.

but im me and you get what you get.

anyways. crazy big halloween party on the 2 floors of my double apartment. with costumes and drinking and probably crazy stuff after that.

its on the 27th, i know everyone else's party is too. but mines going to be fun, so you should come to it and not your other lame choices.

maybe there will even be a strobe light, if i can find where it ended up since last time.

im going to be a sexy furry blue monster of sorts. i dont know how quite yet, but i think its going to be cute.

myspace isn't letting me do an invite because its total shit. so.... poo.

come to the party!

love lindsey

call or e-mail me at linzwinz@yahoo.com if you dont know the address, its parker st on mission hill.

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bad news bunnies. [18 Oct 2007|07:02pm]
i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a new job.

and im getting mad about it now.

but. i just found out my loans are only going to be about 150-175 to pay back, which is not so bad. i can afford that and still get drunk too.

but really, it seems like i should move to new york, but i dont really want to now. i knew this would happen.

im predictable.

i drew a bunny on illustrator at work today.

who wants to see?


hes hibernating.

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and [02 Oct 2007|01:48pm]
oh. and i actually managed to get that photoshoot done, im pretty impressed with myself.

it looked good, photos to come soon.

plus hopefully a website sometime. (yay keegan)

ive really got to work at this not being lazy thing.

[ ][stab][ ]

thanks subconcious [02 Oct 2007|01:47pm]
i made it to california in my dream last night. i walked most of the way.

although i have a feeling i started somewhere near texas, it was still a pretty long walk.

i've been having good dreams to make up for my boring life.

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i hate this shit. [24 Sep 2007|03:54pm]
this whole real world job thing is nerve-wracking.

im too laid-back to make important phone calls.. i say the wrong words.


sondra gave me a contact of a possible job in ny today. although moving would stink i should probably not fuck this one up.

i really did want to work at puma though... but since no one answers the phone when i call its making it awfully difficult.

oh. and i made my hair stick out like the tail of a chicken.

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recent life news [04 Sep 2007|09:13am]
had some weird dreams lately.

chopped a bunch of my hair off again.

being vegetarian, its been less than a day though.

sharing a room with a steve is still working out pretty good. especially since we have some opposite work days so today, for example, i get time to myself. its really the incredible cheap-ness of rent that wins me over.

the september crowds are back again on the hill.. summer is nice. im jealous of stacy for getting to go back to school this week.

since i was supposed to set up a photoshoot all summer and i didnt, i think now is the time.

let see if it can happen before october hits.

<3 rogue

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fortune cookie says: [04 Aug 2007|01:32pm]
"If we are all worms, try to be a glow worm."

[ ][stab][ ]

byebye for now. [31 Jul 2007|02:56am]
::disconnecting internet::

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moving day tomorrow! [30 Jul 2007|05:34pm]
packing packing

2 of my roommates have disappeared. im going to miss conor a lot. even though he eats disgusting concoctions of yucky foods and stole my paper towels. i didnt even see jesse leave, i just came home from work and *poof* he was gone. thats ok though, jesse is a bitch.

i dont know if im ready for girls again. but theyre fun.. and full of cats... mmm 5 cats.

zander is already upset, and keeps crying at me. he is now sleeping on plastic bags. i hope he can make friends with some of the other kitties, and not be intimidated by them. he is such a wuss.

and now i get to share a room with steve. in a non-boyfriend way. weird.

its too bad he isn't bi. then i could still bring boys home. (for the few occasional times i end up bringing boys home)

maybe ill just have to be more gay from now on..

speaking of gay, did i mention everyone who works at the science museum is gay? of course its not literally everyone, but a serious estimate is about 60%. thats really a lot, for being gay. its crazy.

packing packing

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ducks and hair cuts [23 Jul 2007|06:23pm]

[ ][7 deaths =/= stab][ ]

home! [22 Jul 2007|07:55pm]
thanks to stacy i now have a home.

me, steve and the cat are moving to parker street.


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its blue! like always. [21 Jul 2007|02:48pm]
re-blue-ified my hair and cut a bunch off.

now i look even younger.. probably 15 or so.

i really should just sneak back into highschool and avoid real life for 8 more years.

doesn't anyone have an extra room for me to live in?


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[21 Jul 2007|10:40am]
me, steve and my cat need a home.

real soon.

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boohoo said all the little bunnies. [17 Jul 2007|09:58pm]
aw crap.

theres no way im going to have enough money to move to ny in a month and half.

how did i get so broke anyway?

i guess i can ask my mom for money, but i'm not sure she will say yes. it could be one of those times she might want me to learn that shes's not going to solve all my problems for me or something lame like that.

because i obviously know that already, but it would be really super nice if she did.


give me money.

i accept paypal.


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[15 Jul 2007|07:46am]
who wants to see harry potter with me tonight?

[ ][stab][ ]

good morning live journal [13 Jul 2007|07:23am]
so first i had this dream that i was at massart, and happened to run into meghann on the first floor. that was nice. but somehow there were these crazy elevators and i got thrown up into the air and almost fell down the elevator shaft. that made me crazy, and intensely afraid of the elevators, any steep heights, traffic.. and so on.. i was pretty much paralyzed. i was also constantly screaming. then someone yelled at me to get a job. i was on my way but then i went down this stair case which ended up being a part of my grandmothers house. i went down into the basement and i thought i saw her, or something, so i walked in farther. then when i turned back around i saw the telephone cord, an old fashioned curly one, moving all about on its own. or like someone invisible was holding it. in the end i found out that my grandfather was haunting the house, and was trying to make me feel better. there was also this whole conspiracy about possessed (haunted?) monkeys and penguins that used to be stuffed and in the basement/zoo but they would get up and go out to do crazy things.

i dont know why meghann was in there, or why i almost died because of an elevator, but most of the rest of the stuff was probably due to the science museum.

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aaarg. [12 Jul 2007|11:05am]
my back is in pain. horrible grumbly pain.

maybe its mad at me for getting up so early lately.

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jobs and soap scum [10 Jul 2007|11:55am]
i like the museum of science. (ive got dental insurance!)

too bad its not in new york.

but i did just find the most perfect job (actually in new york) for me.
too bad when such perfect jobs are found, they rarely even call back.

maybe if i get it i could move to ny early, and avoid paying any rent here. that would be fun.
everyone else should move to ny too.

but i should probably go apply for it now, since im planning my life already.

i cleaned the bathtub. turns out it was white under all that brown.

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i got a job! yay for me! [23 Jun 2007|03:52pm]
look at my crazy hours:

Wed 9:45am-5:15pm
Thurs 4:45pm-10:00pm
Fri 8:45am-2:45pm
Sat 4:45pm-10:15pm
Sun 8:45am-5:00pm

its at the science museum. i hope it wont be boring. but i bet people could come visit me, and then go enjoy science. i guess i wont be having fun on thursday or saturdays nights anymore though.

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[20 Jun 2007|01:52pm]

[ ][6 deaths =/= stab][ ]

[18 Jun 2007|11:03pm]

centipedes are back in my life.

well 1.

and hes dead.

cause i smashed him good.

but now i keep getting chills down my spine.


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im on the internet! [02 Jun 2007|10:38pm]
at least my wrists and tatoos are.


and a happy little rat too.

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::edit:: i made a decision finally [22 May 2007|12:54pm]
buying digital cameras is hard.

i wish someone had just given me one for all those birthdays and christmases that we had.


(ps - please dont tell me which one to get, youre just going to make it worse)

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[21 May 2007|02:08am]
i think i left my cellphone in rhode island.

which i guess proves that the wedding was good.

[ ][4 deaths =/= stab][ ]

[10 May 2007|02:01pm]
im suddenly feeling attached to all my clothes from the fashion show and dont want to sell them.


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ummm? now what. THIS SUCKS. [05 May 2007|07:39pm]
i hate graduating, didnt want to graduate highschool either. but i think i got out of going to the actual ceremony... i just sort of mentioned i wasnt going and my mom didnt seem to remember to argue with me about it. i also thought my family would give me some graduation-type presents yesterday but maybe i forgot that no one has any money and i should never expect to get any.

i want to see the show. i never really got nervous last night.. only a bit when it got close to going on. except i did keep having to pee haha... but then i just pointed all my lovely ladies out, they went, i went, we came back. it was all just too easy.

so all ive had to look forward to in life is over now. pretty crappy outlook i guess but really doesnt it all just go down from here? and (to everybody) quit telling me to go to grad school, its not a good answer unless youre going to pay for me to go there.. im too broke already and there isnt any point. i guess i feel like massart didnt really teach me very much, they just gave me the access to a room with sewing machines and the new version of photoshop and said.. "uhh go make some fashion and if you dont do it well enough we will fail you". it was nice of them to suggest a few helpful books though.

i just dont remember them ever teaching.

booo. buy me chocolate cake.

a photo by dan:

a photo by the sister:

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fashion show [28 Apr 2007|11:06pm]
ok, so nobody else wants to see a fashion show for $20?

come on you know you want to.

give me $20, ill give you a ticket.

its on friday, postcard again: http://www.massart.edu/calendar/pdf/Debut07.pdf
if you havent seen it yet.

damn it kids, ive got to sell these tickets.

im sold out, the fashion department isnt yet but they will be soon.

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fashion makes me sick. but im full of lies. [16 Apr 2007|10:36pm]
ive been sick for 2 weeks now.

want to come to my fashion show?

ill sell you a ticket for $20 ($5 off!). ive only got so many left though so let me know if you want one.

this ones mine.

this is such an inconvenient time to be sick. ive got all these things to finish.

im not panicking yet though. i actually havent felt panic in awhile - i wonder if i just got sick of stressing out, and stopped doing it.

well anyway, im sure i will be fine. i always am.

<3 rogue

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welcome to dairy-free week [02 Apr 2007|11:30am]
i have a feeling i may have developed some lactose-intolerant-ness. so im going to live like a vegan, unless i can afford some meat. but this is severely disappointing, because i really really like milk.

goodbye my love

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